Latitude Zero Panama Hats

High quality Panama Hats imported from Ecuador

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100% hand-made by Ecuadorian Artisans

Our hats are hand-made by local artisans in Montecristi and Cuenca, Ecuador. These places are the epicenters for Panama Hats in Ecuador. The quality and durability of our hats is guaranteed. Ecuadorian artisans have been weaving Panama Hats for years!
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Find your perfect Panama Hat

Choose from a variety of models from our catalog. Dark, brown, light brown, bigger, smaller - you'll be sure to find something that you'll love.
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Panama Hats are the thing to wear this season!

Tired of not looking good when going to the beach, pool or just out for a walk? Panama Hats will catch the attention of the crowds and you'll soon be a trend-setter in your social circle! After all, you'll be wearing a hand-made product made by artisans thousands of miles away who have been doing it for years, pretty cool, right? Not to mention that Panama Hats are declared by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage.