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Buying a Panama Hat in a store - 3 reasons why it is preferable over online

[fa icon="calendar"] Sep 7, 2016 5:04:25 PM / by Jose Ortiz

Jose Ortiz

So you've finally decided that you want to get a Panama Hat and have been looking at places to buy one. There may be a few shops within a reasonable distance from home but there is also the convenience of buying it online. After all, everyone buys accessories and clothes online these days, right? In this blog post, we present three arguments to why buying a panama hat in a store is preferable if you can get to one!


Buying a Panama Hat in a store will ensure you get the size right

There is no "one size fits all" with Panama Hats because they don't stretch like other caps or your winter hat do. Therefore, you have to make sure you get the right size for you so it's not too lose or too tight. It depends on the circumference of your head. There are some steps you can follow to estimate your size if you really want to buy it online but your best bet is definitely to try it on before buying it.



Get the actual color you want!

Color shades of Panama Hats can be very similar in plain sight. There can be different shades of beige Panama Hats for example. If these differences are already hard to notice sometimes when physically looking at a hat, imagine how it'd be when looking at pictures online. You don't want to be getting a light beige hat when you actually wanted a darker shade. A Panama Hat professional at a store can definitely help you with this so you can choose the right color.


Panama_hat.jpg        Panama_hat_big.jpg


You can personally check the quality of the hat

Panama Hats vary greatly in fineness (and price accordingly). The fineness is measured in grades. Finer hats have a higher grade and are made of finer toquilla straw. It can happen that online someone promises a finer Panama Hat while in reality the hat is of a lower grade. It's always better to go in a store, get professional help and see it yourself. Finer hats also filter the sun rays better.


These are only 3 simple reasons why you should try to buy your Panama Hat in a store instead of online. Of course we understand you may not always have a store nearby but it's nice to try. Some people get hats when they are on a trip in an area that has stores. 

So, whether you live in MA/New England or you will be here for vacation soon, how about you stop by the Latitude Zero Panama Hats store in Cambridge? We'll take good care of you and help you with your Panama Hat questions and purchase. Also, for a limited time, we are offering an added incentive to visit our store. Click the image below for more details!


panama hat box offer


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Jose Ortiz

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