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Four advantages of using a Panama Hat in hot weather

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 17, 2016 10:12:07 PM / by Jose Ortiz

Jose Ortiz

If you use a Panama Hat you probably use it because it looks great on you, or because it's just the trending item for the hot season. Regardless of the reason, panama hats are a great accessory for warm and sunny weather! But did you know there are some "less aesthetic-related" advantages of using a Panama Hat in hot weather? I'll talk about four advantages that will hopefully leave you wanting to wear that precious hat much more often!


Panama Hats are great to keep your head cool!

We've all felt the sweat accumulating around in a hot and sunny day outside. While caps or other types of hats retain your sweat around your head and ears because the material they are made, Panama Hats are made of lightweight and breathable straw that will help your head ventilate a lot better. They are also usually made of a light color and light colors don't attract sun light. Go ahead and try out a Panama hat next time you are on the beach and you'll see for yourself. Historical fact: The workers in the Panama Canal back in the early 1900s used Panama Hats precisely because of this characteristic.


They cover a bigger surface of your head and face

Another advantage of using a Panama hat in hot weather is that it protects you more! This is pretty obvious but sometimes people overlook it. Logic tells us that hot days are usually sunny, and people don't want sun on their face all day. A cap only protects the front of your head, some other hats do have a wider surface but they are not as big. Panama Hats are traditionally a little bigger and cover a greater surface, providing for more protection from those feared sunrays. 

Advantages of using a panama hat in hot weather 1


Panama Hats are lightweight!

This may be an advantage that apply not only to hot weather but it's definitely a big one. Again, because of the straw material they are made of, Panama Hats are probably one of the lightest but still ressistant hats you can get. Who wants to wear a hat all day that feels like you have a 10 lbs block on top of you? Not with Panama Hats! You may be thinking that because they are light they may fall easily with wind but I promise they don't!


They are reshapeable (to a certain extent)

Panama Hats can be manipulated to change their shape. However you prefer to wear it - more flat, slightly curved, brim lifted up, brim folded down - it'll look great on you! You can even try different shapes on the same day to keep things changing. Keep an eye out for a future blog on popular different shapes for Panama Hats.

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So if you don't have a Panama Hat yet, after reading this do you think you are ready? Don't wait! At Latitude Zero we have the best high quality Panama Hats imported from Ecuador and we are here to help.



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