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Hats for summer outdoor events! 3 uncommon reasons to use them

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 23, 2016 10:29:14 PM / by Jose Ortiz

Jose Ortiz

With summer and hot weather, one of the things that most of us enjoy is hanging out with friends outdoors. Be it a BBQ, taking a walk around the city or having a picnic in the park. You name it but the truth is we all crave that nice sunlight and little breeze this season.

Of course your favorite summer outdoor activity wouldn't be complete without the right things to make you look good and most importantly protect you from the sun and excessive heat. Here is where hats come into place! Read on and discover the magic of wearing hats for summer outdoor events.


Hats - nothing on your face, everything on your head!

Who is a fan of sunblock? That's what I thought, me neither. Most often we end up with our face completely white and looking like an 8-year old going out with his mom. A nice hat can save you this pain and make you look stylish in the process. Just make sure the brim of the hat is large enough so it actually protects your entire face.  Also, try to avoid dark-colored hats so you don't attract sun rays.


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Hats make you look good regardless of how your hair is that day

Ladies, did you get a nice hairstyle for that picnic with your friends? Guys, did you get a hair cut and combed your hair for that BBQ at your girlfriend's? If so, that hat you wear can make that hairstyle look even better! Just make sure it accommodates well and doesn't squash it. 

If you woke up just in time and rushed to that picnic or BBQ, don't panic! Just put your hat on for the day and no one will even notice your hair is a mess.


Use your hat to create some breeze and cool off!

Ever wish you had a portable fan with you in that hot day? Well, use your hat as an alternative to create some artificial breeze for you and maybe your friends. Do this at least until you can find a nice small portable fan or a nearby place with AC (either one probably really hard). 


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