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Sun Protection and Fashion - 4 tips to manage both

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 31, 2016 9:49:42 PM / by Jose Ortiz

Jose Ortiz

When living in hot and sunny regions, or when it's summer season in general, we all wander outside and want to spend most of our time under the sun. However, with skin-related illnesses (including skin cancer) becoming more common, it's good to understand how the sun can adversely affect our health and what we can do to prevent it. According to an article from the Mayo Clinic, UV radiation is mostly responsible for the damage to our skin but there are other factors that can influence it. Some of these are excessive sun exposure and a history of sunburns.

On this blog post, we don't mean to go into detail as to the causes of skin-related illnesses (we are not doctors after all) but rather give you 4 tips to be able to balance sun protection and fashion. A few of these are curated from two articles in Spanish found in newspapers from my home country Ecuador. See at the bottom for the links.


Wear a big brim hat!

Probably the accessory that best balances sun protection and fashion, hats are a great way to look good during that beach day while still protecting yourself from the sun's UV radiation. It's recommended that the hat has a large brim so it can cover your head, face, nape of your neck and even your shoulders. Hats will filter the UV radiation and will help you feel a lot better in that sunny day. If hats are your thing, make sure to check our blog post on hats for summer outdoor events.



Cover as much of your skin as possible

While it may seem counter-intuitive to wear long sleeve and pants in a hot and sunny day, it can work for your advantage if you find the right outfit. There are some good long-sleeve shirts or tops made of very light and breathable material that can keep you cool while still covering your skin. The same applies to pants. Check out some linen shirts/tops and take a look at pants that are relaxed and provide ample space for air circulation. You'll definitely find something that is in-fashion and can protect your skin at the same time.


Use lighter color clothing!

You may remember this from your Physics class back in high school - darker colors absorb light and lighter colors repel light. If you are planning on using clothes that cover more of your skin, you should follow this basic Physics rule in addition to the previous tip when selecting your summer outfits so that it increases your comfort level. Shades of white, beige, light brown or light blue will do the job.  If you are really interested in the Physics explanation behind this go ahead and Google it; otherwise go get those lighter color clothes ready for tomorrow.


Show off those shades

While the focus of this post is on skin protection, a big part of sun protection is also related to your eyes. Using sunglasses is not only good for your looks but it also protects your eyes from the UV radiation. One thing to consider is that sunglasses protect you best if they are polarized, so make sure yours are or look for some that are. They are really worth the extra few bucks. 




Hope these few tips are helpful for you when trying to balance sun protection and fashion. The newspaper articles curated for this post are here and here. If you cannot wait to pick your best outfit and accessories for your outdoors plans, you may want to review our checklist of must-have accessories for this summer. See below!


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